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We are experts in repointing from brick repointing, stone repointing and lime repointing. If you need your house brickwork repointed to improve the overall look and to add character and value to maximise investment then we can help.

We can find the best cost effective solution for you. We are friendly and professional team and we are happy to offer our services, knowledge and advice. Pointing is the term commonly used to describe the ‘finish’ that is between the bricks or stone used to build your house.

Depending on the age of the property, the mortar which was used to lay the stone or brick will either be made from limestone, or cement in modern homes. The issue of pointing is one which causes irreparable damage to older buildings if done incorrectly, and it is paramount to understand what the mortar joints actually do for the fabric of the house.

The correct repointing process can assist in waterproofing your property and stabilising the walls of the structure, extend the life of the property and individual stones. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasised. Incorrect pointing can seriously reduce the performance of a wall. Water becomes trapped behind mortar and physical damage occurs to stone and brick as a result from poor work.

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We provide a high quality brickwork repointing service along with excellent customer service. We are an all-in-one property maintenance and repair business dedicated to providing excellent value for money.

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