Window Cleaning Services

We offer a professional window cleaning service from low-level glazing to high-level zones which may require large poles, access gear, cherry pickers or even abseiling.

We promise a streak free complete and an on time service to fit in with your busy lifestyle or work schedule, whether it be dated buildings that require additional time and tender loving care or large office blocks/residential apartment blocks or commercial units we promise the same standards.

Commercial Window Cleaning

It’s anything but difficult to clean tall, tremendous buildings with many windows – We’ve been cleaning windows for decades, frequently at bewildering heights

For commercial entities, it is key that you depict the right image for clients. Having clean windows will make the best impression and show that you think about your workplace.

With our all-inclusive commercial window cleaning service, we can guarantee that your windows are regularly cleaned and that high standards are always maintained. We are reliable and proficient window cleaners and have been delivering our expert cleaning services to customers in Kenworth and Leicestershire for a long time now.

We are experienced commercial cleaners and use the best profound cleaning hardware. We promise the best results, keeping your windows clean and shimmering. No job is too big or small – whether its regular house cleaning, office cleaning or commercial cleaning.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Our domestic services incorporate a full scope of cleaning for inside and exterior use, from your patio to your conservatory and all in between. Profiting from ultra clean windows not just provides an outstanding look from the outside of your property, but likewise enables you to see the world all the more clearly. Our expert cleaners have the apparatus to clean the most ungainly of regions in any property. We can get to those difficult to get windows above conservatories, clean your Soffits and Fascias, Guttering and Solar Panels from ground level while still completely consenting to Health and Safety standards.

Using the most recent in window cleaning technology and frameworks, we can provide a highly viable and affordable answer for your window cleaning needs. We usually operate using our ladder-less water pole techniques, but if you want your windows to be cleaned using traditional soapy water and squeegee strategies, then we’ll do just that.

Contract Window Cleaning

Need a professional window cleaner on a long-term basis? Tell us about it and we can supply a tender. Contingent upon the measure of the contract, we can tender for any contract window cleaning work.

We are cheerful to look at any work around  – whether large or tiny. On the off chance that you have a solitary building possibly a showroom, shop, shopping focus, office block, a factory and so forth. Larger employments, positively don’t need to be OJEU contracts.

Regular Window Cleaning

Regular window cleaning has many advantages. Not just will you appreciate looking out of your windows a great deal more because of them being permanently spotless, but they will last longer as the development of substances that cause frame-disintegration will be prevented.

Additionally, if left for so long without cleaning substance might stain your glass permanently. Then there’s the fact that window cleaners charge considerably more for one-offs, that is if they even agree to offer the service. You may find that a couple of irregular cleans per year, as opposed to contract cleaning, saves you a great deal less cash.

Finally, there’s the impact it has on other people. Not just will you steal the spotlight of your neighbours, but you will likewise inspire your family and companions; they will all desire their windows were as clean as yours!

We can provide our customers with coincidental cleans or regular window cleaning contracts relying upon your necessities. We consent to all the health and safety regulations, and we are focused on conveying a first class work for our customers.

Do you own or rent a commercial building or office in Kenworth, Leicestershire or the neighbourhood and require a regular window cleaning service? If yes, then please get in touch to discuss your prerequisites. We offer full cleaning packages to suit any individual needs, large or tiny.

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