Brickwork Repointing

The brickwork on your property needs to stand up to a considerable measure.  After a cold, wet winter, there’s a chance you may need to repair it. Over the years, bricks can become damaged, and the mortar between brickwork will begin to weather.

If unattended, this can allow water to penetrate, which can damage the brickwork further, and in compelling cases, bargain the structure of your home! Whether your mortar is disintegrating, or your bricks are damaged, repointing your walls will help to secure your property and invigorate the exterior of your home.

Brickwork Pointing is the gravel, cement and seldom lime within your stone work. This is an essential resistance against water and damp infiltration between your outer brickwork and your inside walls. Over some years, the mortar/pointing in between the brickwork can get weathered.

brickwork pointing

BEFORE                              AFTER

When this happens, it can make the presence of the brickwork look untidy, but can likewise cause damp to enter through the brickwork which will cause serious damp problems in your home. We can repoint a wide range of property/brickwork to a standard required for weather proofing. Pointing is the procedure of supplanting deteriorated mortar in the joints of a stonework wall with new mortar.

On the off chance that your property has a deteriorating mortar, splits into mortar joints, free bricks or stones, damp walls or damaged plasterwork then you need repointing. For residential owners to add worth to the home or improve the components of a family home by the reclamation of the exterior building.


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