Lead Roof Flashing

Roof flashing has an important influence in maintaining the waterproofing of your home that it’s important to get it altered when you see anything unusual.

Regardless of how large or small your lead roof prerequisites, Loughborough property can provide a complete and master service that takes care of all your maintenance, repair and replacement needs.

Our scope of expert lead roofing maintenance services include:

Full Lead Roofing Installations, Lead Roof Maintenance and Repair, Patch repairs to all lead roofs, Complete Lead Roofing Renewals, Lead Roofing Dormers and Bay Windows, Lead Roof Valleys, Lead Gutter Repairs, Lead Gulleys, Chimney Flashings and more.

Due to bad weather conditions or basically because of age and wear and tear lead flashings can fall flat allowing water to leak into the roof structure causing decay, staining, and basic disintegration. By distinguishing poor roof flashing and carrying out repairs and replacement can prevent these sort of problems.

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