General Brickwork Repairs

Finding disintegrating bricks on your exterior walls can be an alarming sight.

Damaged bricks can usually be found on the exterior walls of a house. Exposed brick walls weaken when they’re exposed to cold and compelling weather. Ordinarily, you will see disintegration following winter.

Water gets into the bricks and freezes in the colder season. When the bricks defrost, they expand, and the surface can break.

Since most homes have cavity walls, your home isn’t going to fall because of a few disintegrating bricks. But it’s important you don’t disregard the problem because it can exacerbate over time. In the event that you alter the repairs within the near future, you can save yourself from paying for broad repairs.

Whatever problems you confront with outer bricked walls, the Loughborough property are available for you.

We carry out a wide range of repairs to brick walls, but of course, we additionally repair other types of wall surface, for example, tyrolean, render, and pebbledash, but if you have any worries about the state of your brick faced home, we can help you.

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